My mission is to help women who feel stuck and frustrated with their current circumstances to follow their heart and live a life of authenticity, reclaiming their health and happiness. Maybe you feel “successful” according to other people or the world’s standards, but you are not happy and know there’s another way. You may feel guilt because you “should” feel grateful for even having a job or a house or a significant other or whatever. Whatever doesn’t serve you. Something is preventing your inner light from fully shining and you’re feeling that inner pull to take your life back and journey towards freedom. It’s time to take back your power and transform your life!

About Serendipity

Serendipity Coaching is designed to facilitate alignment between your mind and your heart, resulting in deep personal transformation where you are able to live in true authenticity which is the only road to happiness.

As you learn to tune in and listen to what you truly want at your core, you are able to hear your heart’s intuitive guidance, allowing brain and heart to act together in coherence for increased clarity, creative solutions, increased flow and fulfillment of your life’s purpose. As you learn to listen to your own heart and act on that guidance, your life will fall into place, almost as if by magic.

As your coach, I will work with you to teach you to quiet the chatter of your mind to allow the heart’s message to come through, which will lead you to the highest level of joy possible for your life and a sense of deep peace and fulfillment in your soul. You will learn to listen to the voice of your heart rather than the millions of other competing voices that tell you who you should be, from well-intentioned family members to the media.

Who we should be is never who we truly are, and will never make us happy. In the end, our happiness and peace is the only thing that will allow us to lift up the world around us.

We are all so brilliantly, wonderfully and uniquely designed and we all have a special purpose in this world. You have a plan for your life that your soul wants to fulfill. It’s time to uncover the blocks and come home to yourself!

I will guide you through that process, asking you questions that will challenge you to think big, clarify what you want, and design a plan for your life that lights you up and motivates you to move forward.

The Call

So many of us are missing the mark and feel that something is “off”. If we are really good at distracting ourselves, this may manifest as mild boredom or dissatisfaction. At times, it may feel as if we are enveloped in a dark cloud of depression. These feelings are trying to tell us something, that we are off track somehow and that our mind and body aren’t living in accordance with our soul’s wisdom.

“When you live your life going through the motions, it may seem to be convenient, but the weight of your dissatisfaction creates a huge imbalance in the only life you have now.” ~Wayne Dyer

This can affect so many areas of our lives, from our career to our diet and lifestyle. We will never be content until we are in tune with who we truly are, listening to our innermost selves. Our heart will often create very unpleasant circumstances such as painful relationships, excess weight, or soul-sucking jobs in order to beckon us back home. Sometimes it is the only way. If we felt peace in these areas, we would stay there. The pain wouldn’t force us to explore our inner landscape and come back home to ourselves.

What You Can Expect

Coaching is a powerful process in which a relationship is facilitated between a life coach and client. The coaching relationship assumes that the client is a powerful creator and knows the path that she is meant to take- the coach simply acts as a midwife for the client’s dreams, drawing them forth.

The heart is the compass. The coach provides a safe space for the client to explore her inner self and what she truly wants through the following methods:

  • reflective listening
  • encouragement
  • powerful questions designed to guide the client to more clearly hear the voice of her Soul
  • homework assignments- much of the work of coaching is done in between sessions, in the client’s day to day life


  • More self-awareness
  • Deep Inner and Outer Transformation- the client becomes more authentic, more of her True Self, and develops trust. As she comes into alignment with her True Self, her outer world is transformed as well.
  • Clarity of Career or Life Purpose
  • Empowerment- The client acts based upon her inner guidance. No longer does she settle for the status quo or live up to other people’s expectations.
  • Peace- As the client lives in alignment with who she truly is, the inner tug-of-war and restlessness is replaced with a sense of peace, purpose, and fulfillment
  • Joy- Coaching helps the client become more mindful of what brings her happiness, intentionally adding those people, situations, and events that bring her joy and removing or setting boundaries with people or situations that are energy vampires
  • Courage- Together coach and client investigate fear and learn ways to navigate through it
  • Life Balance and Improved Relationships
  • Better Health and Normalization of Body Weight- Mind, body, and spirit are inextricably linked. As the soul is heard it has a profound healing effect on the body.

Your heart knows what it wants and will not stop nudging you until you wake up!

It’s time to break free of everything that is limiting you and keeping you stuck.

The world suffers if it doesn’t receive the gifts that you are meant to bring to the table and you suffer if you’re not being true to yourself. It’s time to step into your light!

Contact me to schedule your FREE 90 minute clarity session to see if you are ready to take the leap and create the life that you deserve and came here to live. Coaching can be done in person, via phone, or via Facetime/Skype.

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